Through PaisaLive, you can earn in 2 ways:

  1. Cash Earning
  2. Free Mobile Recharge

Cash Earning is a very good way of earning some extra cash from PaisaLive. As soon as you earn Rs. 1000, you can request a cheque and we issue you the payment within a month.

On the other hand, Free Mobile Recharge can be done as soon as your Free mobile recharge balance reaches Rs. 10. Free Mobile Recharge facility was launched in Jan 2014 for our members who want to get instant returns from the website.

We recommend you to check out both the proofs in the below sections and be convinced. PaisaLive is the only Indian website which shows not just the payment proofs, but the courier receipts also on its websites. The proofs shown here are not exhaustive, as we are able to upload only some of the payment proofs on the website every month. Actual amount paid to members is much higher than shown here.

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